Azad Kashmir

Kashgar to Kashmir

The link between Kashgar and Kashmir is deep rooted in history. Trade, economy, tourism and  social ties are the ancient links between these two scenic places. The most recent is a shared hope for a prosperous future.

Kashgar is a city region in the west of China. It is located at a junction between two branches of the old Silk road. Travel is convenient to/from major cities of mainland China including Urumqi,  Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.China-map-2015-with-Urumqi
is also linked with Kashmir via the silk road. After crossing China Pakistan border at Sost village in Gojal area,the travel is possible towards Upper Hunza, Gilgit–Baltistan and all other main cities in Pakistan.8EC0963E-DF29-4EED-BD51-46C9C79F4F03_w650_r0_s

Sost is the last town inside Pakistan on the Karakoram Highway before the Chinese border. The town is home to a strategic port on the Silk Route as all traffic crossing the Pakistan-China border passes through this town. The Pakistani immigration and customs departments are based here. Pakistan and China have modernized the  border control system for trade and tourism at the port city.

The Silk Route Dry Port operates at Sost to facilitate the trade shipments. Annual trade between China and Pakistan has increased from less than $2 billion in 2002 to $6.9 billion, with a goal of $15 billion by 2014.

Sost dry port is the first formal port at the China-Pakistan border, facilitating customs clearance and other formalities for goods moving from the Chinese regions of Kasghar and Sinkyang to the commercial centers of Pakistan.1175039_10200481774627038_1899106878_n  Sost town is connected by the Karakoram Highway to Gulmit, Aliabad, Gilgit and Chilas on the south and the Chinese cities of Tashkurgan, Upal and Kashgar in the north.

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