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Empowering the Un-powered

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December, 2016: Unleashing the Potential of Half of the Humanity, the Need of the Hour

IMG_0898.JPG In Pictures: With girl students at Khanetar Village of Poonch

Lack of healthcare and girl education are not the only apathy residents’ face here, but it becomes the root cause of all the problems in these remote corners of Poonch and Rajouri districts of Jammu and Kashmir.

The developing world holds an overlooked resource; hundreds of adolescent girls often forced to leave the school and start families by their mid-teens after the intermediate schooling.

Many fall prey to the violence, diseases and complications of child births. Where the studies show that keeping girls in school and delaying marriages benefits both them and their communities by reducing infant mortality, increasing family income and slowing the spread of other diseases. However, in this part of world it seems the exact opposite at most places we visited. Since…

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