The Kashmir Shawl

Rosie Thomas// Kindle copy of book is available for £4.99 at Amazon.

The Kashmir Shawl is one of the most recent pieces of literature on Kashmir theme. The writer Rosie Thomas has narrated a story of a lady ​who lives in Wales, and is intrigued by the beautiful Kashmir shawl that she found among her late father’s possessions. She learns that the Shawl belongs to her maternal grandmother, Nerys Watkins. The lady decides to travel to Kashmir to know more about her ancestors and also to know the story of the shawl and how it might have come into her grandmother’s possession.

The narrative moves between the present and the 1940s. As the lady finds out about the “life story” of the shawl and befriends fellow travellers while she travels to the mountain country of Ladakh, where the way of life has not changed for centuries.

In Srinagar, she  meets with a few other people who play their role in later events. The Kashmir Shawl is a beautiful addition in the gallery of fictional masterpieces in English language.

Rosie Thomas has powerfully depicted various colours of the enchanted land alongside a candid and honest account of  crippling poverty in the region. The book is highly recommended for lovers of fiction on Kashmir.