Azad Kashmir

Things you probably won’t read about Jammu


Greetings, folks! Hope you’re doing well. So I’m starting to write about travel and experiences from the places I have visited, stayed or vacationed. It’s mind boggling to realise how many of these have found a place in my heart and would always remain a part of me.

This post is about a beautiful city that geographically lies below the much talked about paradise on earth, Kashmir and often hence stays overlooked, Jammu,the city of temples.

Here’s a list of things I had learnt of the place, some of which are already known while others are straight out of my heart.

City of Temples

If you’re spiritual and are on a trip to Vaishno Devi Mata darshan, then I would like to say that you’d be passing a city that has so many temples that it is referred to as City of Temples.

Apart from Raghunath Temple, Bawe Wali…

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