Azad Kashmir

The Shawlwala !

Quill & Parchment

img_20161209_172500 by Sakhi

Let me tell you about my favourite winter thing, it’s Mystical to me.

I was sitting in my room today, snuggled in a thin blanket, reading a novel, “Me Before You” to be particular. Enjoying the coveted Delhi winters when I heard him. “Shawl, Kashmiri Shawl” came the call. He was at the gate and banging the metal lock loudly to get my attention. I went out to check out the visitor, and there stood a lean man, in a jacket and holding two heavy, big bags on both shoulders. I beamed to see him; he is no other than Rashid, The Shawlwala. His coming is like an official declaration that winter is here.

My mother was reluctant to let him in as she was napping and he would spoil her sleep, and told me to tell him to go away now, and come…

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