Treaty Scrapping?


So, there have been debates around for greater internal use of three rivers- Indus, Chenab and Jhelum that were allocated to Pakistan by the accord. The government is also certain to review its position on Tulbul/Wular Project on Chenab.

However, the verdict on the TUlbul/Wular Project on Chenab should be seen in light of the 2014 floods in Kashmir. The main reason why so much flooding happened in the city was the siltation in the Wular Lake. Now if a barrage comes up, it will increase the threats of floods in Srinagar. Decisions should be technically evaluated. We should definitely pursue energy generation from the Western Rivers (Indus, the Jhelum and Chenab). This is because water utilization for agriculture in Kashmir is not very high since the topography is rippling (irrigation is difficult) and farmers have moved to water-intensive body paddy to rain fed horticulture.

Scrapping of the pact cannot be a…

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