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Carpets in Jammu-Kashmir


The exquisite and exotic carpets of Jammu & Kashmir are world famous. Thousands of local artisans are involved into carpet making and the carpet making factories are one of the most important industries of Jammu & Kashmir. These carpets called as Kalin are not only the major part of Jammu & Kashmiri home furnishing but also an integral part of local culture. The handcrafted or machine weaved carpets are exclusively designed and synonymous to the identity of Jammu & Kashmir. There are 800 carpet factories alone in Bari Brahmana area of Jammu. There’s lot of issues regarding child labourers in carpet factories but as unemployment is also very prominent in this region so these carpet factories also provide them mode of livelihood. Here are some of the clicks from my recent visit to the Shalimar Carpet Industries Bari Brahmana in Jammu & Kashmir.

Carpets in Jammu Kashmir

The Jammu & Kashmir Carpets…

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