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Kashmiri Designs on Fabric

image-1For people living outside Kashmir which is also the ‘jannat’ of India – just imagine the serene beauty and world famous kaarigari to start with. While most of the time we indulge ourselves in scrumptious delicacies, we need to praise world’s best craftsmanship present in Kashmir, India.

Do you remember those Kashmiri shawl wallahs or pedlars selling Kashmiri ethnic dresses near your house during winters? Have you ever visited cultural festival organised in Delhi every year? No!?

Then you are missing something ! Be it famous Pashmina shawls or Papier Mache accessories, these people know how to put heaven into crafts. Next time when you see them around you, just take some time out and have a look at those exquisite products. But for this you need to know what they excel in ! Here are some facts which will make you fall in love with Kashmiri designs…

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