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Muzaffarabad woman’s plight, moral standards and fight for freedom

Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) inaugurated an art gallery in Muzaffarabad last week to commemorate the legendary heroes of fight for  freedom. In his constituency, a so-called influential person raped a pregnant woman, who later ended in a hospital in the state capital.

The woman who had attempted to commit suicide was raped last week, the police stated.

The state machinery, tribal justice and poverty run parallel to each other in Azad Kashmir to victimise women and poor segments of society, particularly ethnic and religious minorities.

The incident, which happened in Chakar, a remote town in the constituency of AJK’s Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider, is a fresh reminder to highlight the hallowness of a poverty stricken society where molestation of women of minority tribes is taken as a relishing news story.

The state machinery’s complacency provides shelter to mentally sick and morally bankrupt elements. Social, cultural and religious values are considered as public showdown.

Double standards in morality, civility and politics are rampant from top to bottom in government hierarchy, which in itself is  a kind of state sponsorship certificate to practice sick mentality in every day life of people. The heroic fight for freedom is celebrated in public speeches, school curriculum, electioneering and sloganeering.

In Chakar incident, the 25-year-old pregnant mother of one child, was subjected to heinous crime reportedly at the hands of an influential person from another tribe, daily Dawn reported.

Chikar is a famous hill resort towards the south-west of Muzaffarabad in the jurisdiction of Jhelum valley.

The woman was reportedly begging her molester in the name of God, but it all went in vain.

The woman disclosed the ordeal to her husband, who advised her to banish the incident from her thoughts as they could do nothing to the tormentor due to his financial and tribal clout, she told the police.
The victim subsequently tried to commit suicide by ingesting poison and was rushed to Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital in Hattian Bala.

After having her stomach pumped the hospital staff had her referred to SKZN Hospital in Muzaffarabad for better treatment.The family was so scared that they did not even report the incident to the police, fearing that it would trigger reprisals from the influential figure.

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