Azad Kashmir

Keran: Kashmir’s Valley of Tears

the Humanitarian

“Be still, my soul: when dearest friends depart, and all is darkened in the vale of tears.” 

KERAN: December, 2016/ Part 1:

In this quiet village of Keran Kashmir-divided between India and Pakistan, it is a case of oneness – one village, one identity, but two nationalities. Keran people live on two sides of the Line of Control, (LoC) which unfortunately happens a 30 meters wide stream with two names -Neelum for Pakistan and Kishanganga for India.

For people residing here this scenic stream is simply a line of treason, which has divided their blood relations from decades. There are hundreds of families who have blood ties on the other side of Pakistani Kashmir, but are separated by this stream.

IMG-20170325-WA0004.jpgIn pics: Left Indian Keran and Right Pakistani-Keran divided by Neelum Stream

With a few thousand families living across both sides of Neelum/Kishanganaga, this hamlet fits the larger historical narrative…

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1 comment on “Keran: Kashmir’s Valley of Tears

  1. Your blog makes me feel a great deal for the people who live there and experience such turmoil and pain,


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