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Lavish Kashmir weddings  

Guest numbers are now limited to just 900 – with parents of brides allowed to invite 500 and the grooms party allowed to invite 400.

The government has also forbidden wedding banquets from including more than seven meat and seven vegetarian dishes to ‘ensure that there is no wastage of any food items’.

Guests can also be served up to two sweets or ice creams. The traditional feast, called Wazwan, includes a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, with banquets typically containing anywhere between 20 and 35 courses.

A Kashmiri bride, wearing a red shawl, is accompanied by her relatives and friends as they walk through a rice field on her way to the groom’s home”.

The state government said the order, which comes into effect from the start of April, was issued in response to public complaints about extravagance, waste and intrusive noise.

Numbers of guests as well as the number of dishes offered at wedding feasts has risen dramatically in recent years and Kashmiri parents often spent their entire life savings on a wedding.The state had attempted to impose a similar ban in 1984, but it was revoked after protests.Marriages in Kashmir, and across India, are typically costly affairs, with people spending huge sums on food, clothes and entertainment.

An MP has also proposed a bill to impose a similar ban on extravagant weddings across India.We will soon introduce a legislation which would make it possible for us to punish people who violate the orders. It doesn’t matter who that is: whether it is bureaucrat or a politician,’ Chowdhary Zulfikar Ali, minister for Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution (CAPD) told that huge weddings had become ‘a nuisance’.

Source: Daily Mail

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