This is one of the best travel blog posts that I have read so far. Your description of the peculiarities of local Balti culture, impact of a cruel division on people’s life, encounters with villagers and remnants of a powerful culture of small dynasties is vivid. Every single description is full of information and honest comments.Indeed, this is more than a very powerful blog entry.


A faraway land, a lost kingdom and a Prince – sounds like the making of a fairy tale, doesn’t it?
Line of Control, army camps, airstrips and helicopter landing – sound like a war zone, doesn’t it?
Extreme rocky terrain, steep mountain ranges, deep turbulent river – sounds like an expedition doesn’t it?
Well, the small village at the far end of India, Turtuk, is all this and much more as I discovered to my surprise and delight.

When my itinerary out of Leh mentioned Turtuk, a lot of people, including locals from Leh, were skeptical of my decision to head there. It was roughly 80 kms beyond the popular sand dunes at Hunder and would mean “2-3 hours of extra driving for a place that had nothing much to offer”, went the rant. It was, however, in my sacrosanct itinerary and therefore simply had to be visited, no matter…

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