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Kashmir at the crossroad of civilization

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Kashmir’s scenic beauty on both sides of the border is equated to heaven on earth. The green belt of endless lush trees along with gushing cool and clear water is a sight many wish to behold. Having heard magical, enchanting and spell bounding accounts of Kashmir’s beauty. Fortunately I was able to witness everything first hand on a 3 day trip to Kashmir. Having stayed the first night at Muzaffarabad and the second one in Keran which is at a distance of 95 km from Muzaffarabad located at an altitude of 1524 meters (5000 ft). All set to return on 3rd day, we decided to go explore Sharda before finally biding the place a farewell.

The white foamy Neelum River accompanied us throughout our journey. At places it was calm and at others it was gushing. Cool breeze caressed our faces and whispered a hymn that the alluring mountains, verdant…

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