Azad Kashmir

Psychology on Kashmir


Kashmir has meant a lot of things to a lot of people since the inception of the independent, democratic and great nation in August 1947.

To some it is the paradise, to some a war-zone, to some pride, to some birthright, to some nostalgia, to some a dream, but for the free subjects of  the “integral” state of a democratic landmass called India, Kashmir is synonymous with reality.

Reality that transcends borders of tinted perceptions, feigned sympathies, broken promises made in intoxication of power,  judgements reeking of insensitivity, a reality that culminates into cries, mourns, bloodshed, disappointment, helplessness, despair, hope, longing, resistance; all human virtues.

Kashmir has been painted as a political issue, as a religious issue and even as  economic issue but what everyone for generations has failed to see is that Kashmir more than any of these is a Psychological issue. Would seem rather strange to reduce the…

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