Azad Kashmir

When all Kashmiris were sold.

Kashmir Tale

Kashmir mysteriously became a part of the newly created state of Jammu and Kashmir through the ‘Treaty of Amritsar’ on 16th March 1846, signed between the British and Dogra Raja Gulab Singh. The whole valley and its two million souls were sold in lieu of a paltry sum of 75 lakh rupees (nanakshahi). Strangely enough, the wholesale sordid transaction of Kashmiris was ratified at a place hundreds of miles away from Kashmir and without consulting a single Kashmiri native by the two parties. Prem Nath Bazaz remarks that it was ‘a sordid shameful affair devoid of all sense of fairness, justice and equity’. The people unpleasantly got shocked because the whole valley was sold to a person who was completely stranger and alien to its people. The valley and its population was sold in a manner worse than that of slaves.

Dogra Ruler Gulab Singh

Boundaries of the state were redrawn more for geopolitical…

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