Super Silky Highway of the world. ONE BELT, ONE ROAD Initiative of China

Global Overview

“History repeats itself”- this quote has time and again imposed itself and proved its authenticity throughout the history, sometimes to boon and other times to doom. And it is again showing its buoyant characteristics through the 21st Century SILK ROAD, under One Belt One Road initiative of China.

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History Rewind: Silk road or route was an ancient network of trade routes that was central to cultural interaction for centuries and connected East with West, expanding from Korean region to the Mediterranean Sea. It was the main channel for trading and propagating of ideas, philosophies and religion. The credit of widespread faith in Buddhism also goes to this route only. At times, the route also played its role in population control by spreading diseases.

The name of the road comes from the natural fibre “Silk”, as its trading was most lucrative, only being produced in…

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