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Women Reporting the Kashmir Conflict


Baseera Rafiqi

Reporting from within a conflict zone requires an extra amount of effort and understanding to ensure that news is set in a proper context and perspective, to avoid misinformation and spreading rumours.

The two-decade long conflict in the Indian administered region of Kashmir has an impact on everything for people living there, from education to general lifestyle, and the field of journalism is no exception.

Over the years, more women have begun to register their presence in the field of journalism for a number of

reasons, and Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF) spoke to some of these journalists to explore how and why they have taken up this work, and the challenges they face.

Afsana Bhat has been reporting in Kashmir for around 15 years, and believes it has helped her to better understand general issues and to engage socially.

“Reporting helped me to know about many things…

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2 comments on “Women Reporting the Kashmir Conflict

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  2. Reporting from the conflict zone is an extraordinary work of extraordinary people and women are no exception. The services of female reporters in Kashmir need recognition at national and international level.


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