Azad Kashmir

Walking around the Famed Meadows of Sonamarg & Thajiwas Glacier

The Bum who Travels

The heart was finally calm after the locals had given fate a twist by deciding to make me stay in their home. I was in Sitkari village (pronounced Sitkadi) and an entire gamut of emotions was going through my head. Kids were running around causing much needed happiness while my brain was still in shock after the many rides in the scare of travel during curfew time in Kashmir.

DSC_9456 A bird’e eye view of Sonamarg as I climbed up to the first mountain. Don’t really have words to explain the calm I felt at that moment.

The ladies of the house had given me cup-fuls of chai and I had drank them with morsels of chapatis. Sindh river flowed past the houses of the village, it was a pristine atmosphere. Men went out to pray in the nearby mosque and the sound of azaan reverberated in the Kashmir valley…

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