Kashmir – A brief history of political lust


“If there is heaven on Earth, it is here, it is here, it is here!” – Firdaus

Little did the heaven know about man’s greed – so little that it carved the heaven into a slaughterhouse where heroes live and rise from time to time, just to be buried forever.

Kashmir, ever since Partition of August 1947 has become an opportunity for Indian political movements to dump their political propagandas, blind to the fact that Kashmir has always belonged to Pakistan. With over three wars fought over the ‘heaven on earth’ – thousands of innocents have lost their lives just for India’s ever increasing lust for supremacy over it’s neighbor. Lust – the thing about lust is that it only grows destroying the concept of believing, fracturing the very reason to live – it destroys hope.

What Maharaja Hari Singh initiated in 1947 was to leave profound scars on the…

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