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The Man of Insight on Kashmir

“Grieved over the demise of Sardar Khalid Ibrahim,a fearless politician who stood for Kashmir’s right to self-determination all his life.His father Sardar Ibrahim,was closely associated with Mirwaiz Yousuf Shah"- Mirwaiz Umer Farooq

Renowned Kashmiri politician Sardar Khalid Ibrahim passed away on Sunday.  The veteran politician was a five-time-elected member of the Legislative Assembly of Azad Kashmir and founder of Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party (JKPP). Sardar-Khalid- Ibrahim-Insight-on-KashmirHe was the son of AJK founding President, Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan.

The 71-year-old seasoned politician had an over 5-decade-long political career. He was an iconic figure on the Pakistani side of the divided state of Jammu and Kashmir. He resigned from assembly on two separate occasions in the past.

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Sardar Khalid Ibrahim had an insightful understanding of the complicated problem of Kashmir. He had a charismatic personality, interesting and fascinating relationships with his party workers.


Throughout his long career, he participated in political and human rights movements in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir and endured detentions several times. He had a firm view on Kashmir issue and advocated for the acceptance and recognition of sacrifices made by the Kashmiri nation during the struggle for a plebiscite.


He supported United Nations Security Council resolutions and democratic method of voting rights for Kashmiris. He was a man of principles and a huge supporter of the AJK Assembly Act 70. He considered it as an ideal form of government for the state.


“Grieved over the demise of Sardar Khalid Ibrahim, a fearless politician who stood for Kashmir’s right to self-determination all his life. His father Sardar Ibrahim, was closely associated with Mirwaiz Yousuf Shah. I Express my condolences to his family and the people of Azad Kashmir (SIC),” Hurriyat Conference (M) chairperson Mirwaiz Umar Farooq tweeted on his death. Thousands of people participated in his funeral at Rawalakot on Monday. Photo Credit: Kashmir Reader.

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