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India’s hybrid war against the civilian population

Violence is rising again in Kashmir. India is fighting one of the most diverse battles against the insurgency. Well-trained state machinery has opened a multi-pronged hybrid war against a new kind of enemy- the civilian population. Despite an unbridled use of force, anti-riot forces perched on armored vehicles continue to face an eyeball to eyeball situation with stone-pelting and fiercely aggressive youth. hybrid_warfare-insight-on-kashmirA plentitude of force is in action against so-called timid and coward people. The traditional police force, anti-riot forces, The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), cybersecurity and army are no more able to barricade against the rain of stones and armies of stone-pelters.

India’s military strategy has focussed on multi-dimensional warfare tactics to quash youth-backed destabilizing activity in the insurgency-hit state of Jammu and Kashmir. Conventional anti-protest tactics are not enough to sabotage the insurgent activities of such magnitude and intensity. So, India has initiated unconventional warfare tactics under the guise of anti-protest actions against guerrilla activities. Simultaneously, the Indian army has deployed specialized operations under irregular warfare and cyber warfare.

The Indian anti-insurgency strategy in Jammu and Kashmir involves military, economic, diplomatic and informational tactics to achieve desired goals. Theoretically and doctrinally, such tactics cannot be used against innocent civilians. India is not alone in use of brutal force and hybrid strategy against civilians. Internationally, there is increasing evidence that hybrid warfare tactics have already been utilized in recent years from Moscow, Beijing, and other capitals against civil society in the West.Kashmiri girls engaged in pitched street battles

However, India has gone one step further in initiating hybrid warfare against its own population. Sadly, more than three decades of bloodshed has not paved way for peace in the region. India is still playing the old piece of music and stability in the region is far from sight. Official sources quote that Indian brutal force has taken lives of around 250 insurgents in Kashmir valley in 2018.

Past 71 years have established that militarization and military operations or imposition of governors rule or installing proxy governments from time to time, can never solve Kashmir dispute.

The only way to resolve the issue is to allow people of Jammu and Kashmir to determine their political status, freely and fairly. Until then peace and the stability in the region shall remain unreal.

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