Top security man in Kashmir blames Pakistan an incubator of terrorism

In a fresh volley of accusations, India’s top security man in Jammu & Kashmir, Lt Gen AK Bhatt has termed Pakistan as an incubator of terrorism. He blamed the country for exporting terrorism in the valley and brainwashing the youth to sponsor the indigenization of terrorist activities. Bhatt also confirmed that forces in troubled parts of the state killed at least 250 people in 2018. The number of militants killed in 2018 was highest ever in a decade in Kashmir. The number of militants killed in 2018 was highest ever in a decade in Kashmir.

In the meanwhile, heavy firing exchanges took place on Thursday between Indian and Pakistan troopers on the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch district, various news sources said.
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“Our positions are effectively retaliating. Firing exchanges were continuing,” the sources said. Heavy shelling and firing exchanges between the two armies have been intermittently continuing for the last eight days in Poonch and Rajouri districts.

Gen Bhatt said that social media was being used to radicalize youth as well as to mobilize crowds to sites of counter-terror operations, adding that “all stone-throwing groups in Kashmir have Pakistani numbers”.

In an earlier interview, he said that the military could only have a limited role, with solutions critical for resolving the larger Kashmir issue lying in the realm of politics — good governance, and political engagement as witnessed during the Vajpayee years.
“The military can only create conditions of normalcy. Beyond that, the initiatives have to be at levels of good governance, politically talking to people. During the Vajpayee era, it has happened, and similar initiatives the government will take at the right moment. I am sure they will,”