AJK government to observe 2019 as the year of tourism

//Fahad Shabbir@FahadShabbir// In a bid to promote domestic and international tourism the Azad Jammu Kashmir government had decided to observe 2019 as the year of tourism with aim to turn the scenic state into a hub of tourism industry.

The official of AJK government said, the AJK possesses great potential for tourism and only a conducive environment is required to attract local and foreign investment in the tourism sector.
He said, “the 200-kilometer tourism corridor will also be established which will pass through tourist destinations like Chakar, Sudhan Gali, Haji Pir, Lasdanna, Toli Pir and Banjosa. This corridor will promote tourism and will have quality facilities to cater to the growing number of tourists.”
“Modern tourists resorts will be constructed at all tourists destinations,” he said and added road access to Rama Lake and Ferry Meadow was also under consideration in Gilgit-Baltistan.
He said modern transport facilities would be started to all the tourist destinations in the AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan.
To a question he said, the efforts being made by the AJK government to help preserve the local architecture, culture and heritage. The AJK Archaeology Department, he said, has already organised many conferences and symposiums on the archaeological and historical heritage of Azad Kashmir and the University of AJK Muzaffarabad is also planning to establish a Shah Hamdan Chair.

He said Azad Kashmir, boasts very unique archaeological and historical sites including ancient sites like Sharda University, Bagsar Fort, Mangla Fort, Mughal Mosque, Ramkot, Red Fort of Muzaffarabad and also famous Sufi shrines like Pir Chinasi, Khari Sharif, Darbar Baba Shadi Shaheed, Haji Pir and Sain Saheli Sarkar.

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