Travelogue: The Pearl Valley πŸŒ»πŸŒ„πŸŒ²πŸŒŠπŸžοΈ

Written by Summaya Ali // Summaya is a Rawalpindi-based blogger who writes My rebellious world. Her writings are aimed at creating awareness on social causes.

Photo Credit: Summaya Ali

A few years ago I visited Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir. I travelled 80 kilometers from Islamabad by car. It took me two to three and a half hours to reach the Pearl Valley. This valley is known for its naturally beautiful mountains. Its people are warmhearted. It doesn’t take long to reach there because the authorities have constructed the Guoein Nullah road.

I will remember this valley for its lush grass and beautiful flowers. For example, roses. Since I visited in spring I wore light wollen. The weather was not too hot. It was warm, though. I have listed my favorite places:

Banjosa Lake

The Banjosa Lake lies at 19 kilometers from Rawalakot on the Banjosa road. It is located 1,798 meters above the sea level. The pleasant greenery on its peeks spell bounded me. Cool breeze was blowing and it was an enjoyable experience. Tuck shops made sure that I wasn’t hungry. I enjoyed a picnic with family. I had booked a restroom to stay for the night.

Toli Pir

Toli Pir is 40 kilometers from Rawalakot on the Toli Pir road in Azad Kashmir. This is the highest peak in the valley. It’s one of the most visited places in the north eastern part of the city.

The weather was pleasantly moderate. I enjoyed seeing the vast spreads of green fields. 3 different mountain ridges begin at this point. It had plenty of breathtaking landscapes. I sat there and relaxed. I had taken cooked food along.We had a memorable picnic.

I hiked to the top of Toli Pir to visit a tomb. The weather at the top was enjoyable, too. It had awesome views. The hotel where I stayed had many unforgettable scenes. I still remember their beauty.

Poonch River

It lies 35 kilometers from the valley. It’s 886 meters above the sea level. While travelling to the river I stopped at many points where I enjoyed spending time with my family. Water was nearby, the scenes were beautiful and the passage of water was wide enough.

When I reached the river I had a life time experience. I felt calm and relaxed sitting by the river.

Tatta Pani

45 kilometers from the valley and 682 meters above the sea lies Tatta Pani. I loved visiting it because it offers an experience of its kind. I had a memorable experience watching springs of water come out of the ground and fall into the Poonch River. The water of these springs tastes of sulphur.

Nirgola Waterfall

Nirgola waterfall lies 120 kilometers from the Pearl Valley. I parked my car on the main road, and walked down the road for 15 minutes to reach there. The waterfall and green trees refreshed me. This waterfall lies at the foot of the mountain. I sat by that waterfall and ordered food. It’s a splendid experience to eat while water flows nearby.


Rawalakot offers Bar B Q, Tikka shops, nan and fast food in plenty. I ate cucumbers, peaches and apples too. It has:Carpets, Silk woolen clothes, Woolen shawls, Wood carvings, Rugs

I bought clothes for myself and gifted a shawl to my friend. I could call anyone anytime, because the internet was available.


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