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Jiwanjyot Kaur of Jammu Sanskriti School Kathua

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Kathua Woman gives free psychological counselling to combat Coronavirus  

Jiwanjyot Kaur of Jammu Sanskriti School Kathua has been entrusted with the opportunity to provide free psychological counselling to public in assistance to Covid-19. She is a School Counsellor at Jammu Sanskriti School Kathua. Various public sector institutions have been working on promoting professional assistance to spread awareness/ knowledge for optimal quality of mental health and wellbeing to public. Indian Academy of Health Psychology (IAHP) is among those organisations working to development of professional aspects of health psychology.

The organisation has recently declared the list of 291 eminent, experienced and highly trained psychologists from 25 states to become an integral part of the Indian Task Force of India Academy of Health Psychology. Their job is to provide free psychology aid & counselling to public as assistance in this precarious time of Covid-19.

Jiwanjyot holds a Counselling Psychologist status having done an MA clinical psychology and a Post graduate diploma in Guidance and Counselling Psychology; she has been selected to serve as member of Indian Task Force for district Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir. She is one of those members of the team who are certified, well-qualified, experienced and trained in their respective fields of work.

Source: Universal News Timeline Photo Credit: Jammu Sanskriti School Kathua


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