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Heart touching Sufi song ‘Dua’ released in Kashmiri language

Prominent Kashmiri philanthropist and entrepreneur Dr Sohail Nasti has recently released a heart touching song in Kashmiri language. The UK-based Dr. Nasti is a self-proclaimed ambassador, politician, activist, medical doctor, pilot, entrepreneur, humanitarian, lyricist and sportsperson.

He is a graduate of the Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS), Srinagar which is one among the foremost of the institutes of national importance in higher and advanced medical and technological education in Jammu and Kashmir.


The institution has a prestige of being one of the great medical universities in basic and higher applied medical research. He is also the founder of Mother Helpage organisation.

The Youtube Channel of Dr Sohail Nasti’s organisation Mother Helpage describes him as a revolutionary leader.

”He has revolutionised the humanitarian sector by initiating new and much needed approach towards the community development.


From youth development, community resilience and community cohesion by bridging the gap between different communities is definitely to applaud upon. The modern world need such type of people who deliver their sincere services without any personal or political agenda. Dr Sohail Nasti is the angel of peace in the modern world. We support team Sohail Nasti”.

Dr Nasti, by profession, is a clinical research scientist with a special interest in rheumatology.

He has a keen interest and active participation in a struggle against the poverty, devastating diseases, illiteracy, hunger, terrorism , racial disparity and social uplift of disadvantaged people.

Dr Nasti’s new Kashmiri language release of “Prayer” is a Sufi musical compilation. This shows a voice of the soul with a beautiful and heart touching recitation. In this song, he gives a message of love, peace, harmony, life, liberty and prosperity to all around the world.

”Dr Sohail has a very humble and respectable background”, Mohammad Ahmad

Muhammad Ahmad, an official from Kashmir described him as a true philanthropist. ” As far as I know Cap (Dr) Sohail has left some indelible mark on the minds of people in South Kashmir District Anantnag where he did some philanthropic work in the past. He has a very humble and respectable background.”

1 comment on “Heart touching Sufi song ‘Dua’ released in Kashmiri language

  1. Amr El Banawy

    We must support and admire such professionals and selfless people.


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