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A silly overture of teenage girls to crossing the LoC

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Update (09:45 BST):. Two sisters from Pakistan-administered-Kashmir who had inadvertently crossed the line of control (LoC) have now been handed over to Pakistani authorities, local journalists on both sides have reported.

Jammu Links News tweeted a video statement by one of the girls which was made to local media. She said they had lost their way and entered Indian territory. “We feared that army personnel will beat us up but they treated us in a very good manner. We had thought they would not allow us to go back but today we are being sent home. People are very good here. ”

The girls being received by local authorities at Line-of-Control

Laiba Zabair (17) and her sister Sana Zabair (13), residents of Abbasspur in Kahuta Tehsil were detained by Indian security forces deployed along the LoC in Poonch sector. Referring to official sources, the media from Indian side of the disputed state  reported that troops deployed along the LoC, having detected the crossing, exercised complete restraint to prevent any harm to the teenagers. The security forces’ spokesperson also said that efforts were being made for their early repatriation. However, the social media was replete with messages of urgent repatriation of the teenagers and unverified accounts inflitration. Many activists and social media warriors termed the incident as a deliberate effort. Kashish Khkhar said that our government should take immediate action and arrange for the return o the two sisters Laiba Zubair and Sana Zubair.

Fawad Habib Shah said that two teenage girls from Poonch accidently crossed cease fine line and now in the custody of Indian Forces. He also said prayers are for their safe return.

Muzaffarabad based journalist , Tariq Naqash reported a different story with an evidence from local police station . He was of the view that both girls are orphan from a penurious family. A report about their disappearance was lodged with Abbaspur police by their brother on Saturday night. It seems they took the step to cross the LoC 5km away from home in a fit of emotion after some family squabble.

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