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Jammu (31 January 2021):  Over one million people of the Mahajan Hindu Community are not allowed to purchase land in Jammu and Kashmir.

A Jammu based organisation Central Mahajan Sabha (JCMS), had termed in December last year that the ‘new land laws’ notified  by the government of Jammu and Kashmir as ‘anti-Mahajan’ and against the spirit of equality before law.

Sabha said “In our country, any people, anywhere in India can purchase land but it is extremely sad that Mahajans of J&K union territory cannot purchase even one Marla of Agricultural land i.e. 1st, 2nd or 3rd rate land in this union territory whereas there is no such restriction on people belonging to other communities.”

Sabha also said  Mahajan community of J&K which is comprised of more than 10 lakh souls always played pivotal role in various fields and by their intelligence, honesty and hard work brought all round development in this union territory but it is a matter of criminal discrimination that they have been kept away from the field of agriculture.

 United Democratic Alliance (UDA), Jammu and Kashmir, also criticized the government for alleged conspiracy against the Mahajan and Khatri communities who are debarred from buying or selling Agriculture land in the J&K Union Territory.

Earlier , Rajiv Mahajan, Convener of UDA  termed this decision under new Land Laws  as a conspiracy and appealed to the Lt Governor, Manoj Sinha to look into the matter seriously and revoke this order at the earliest,.

People from the Mahajan, Khatri community while speaking to Cross Town News said that there were times when Mahajan Community was mainly Traders and now time has changed  and they should be allowed to buy and sell Agriculture land.

They said  new Section has barred “transfer of agricultural land to non-agriculturalists” and omitted the earlier relaxation of four kanals available in the repealed J&K Alienation of Land Act.

They said the Administration must take decision while considering the present scenario and added that Divisional Commissioner Jammu and Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, who are taking up objections to various issues must take our pleas also in to account for the overall development of the Union territory.

Source: Cross Town News

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