Music in difficult times

Music In The Heart

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Sandi Curtis is a music therapist who lives in Montreal Canada. She is the author of the book, Music for Women Survivors of Violence.

She describes in Psychology Today that we are certainly experiencing hard times now: As if COVID-19 alone wasn’t enough, it has revealed another epidemic of domestic violence and racial injustice that has long been embedded in our society.

All of these are incredibly challenging, but perhaps together they may serve as an impetus for real change, and the sustained effort needed to accomplish change. While this may leave us hopeful, the circumstances and the efforts required of us can be hard on the spirit. Where can we turn for the much-needed support?

The answer is music.

We have two examples of music that are relevant to Sandi’s healing effect of music.

“Mouj Kasheer, aabad rozuim, shadaab rozuim, mouj kasheer” literally translates to, “Mother Kashmir, stay joyful forever, stay prosperous forever, Mother Kashmir”. Presented by : BackDoor Indies Written & Performed : Mu’Azzam & Shen B Music.

Hidden Hands is a musical tribute by some of Birmingham leading artists to UK’s Black (African, Asian, Caribbean and minority ethnic) communities, that are four times more likely to die from COVID-19.