Syed Ali Geelani questions the validity of DGMO’s pact on India-Pakistan Ceasefire agreement

/ IoK News /

Syed Ali Geelani, a veteran and pro-Pakistani Kashmiri separatist leader in the Indian held Jammu and Kashmir has questioned the validity of a recent military commanders’ pact to ensure the sanctity of the Ceasefire Agreement between India and Pakistan.

The statement issued by his representative via the Twitter says that the new DGMO’s pact between India and Pakistan is now in effect. “Whether it will ensure peace on the CFL is something that remains to be seen. However, the development itself is a disturbing as it is surprising.

Ever since India’s brazen aggression on August 5, 2019, we have been hearing assurance after assurance that there would be no engagement with India until it rolls back everything it did on August 5.

Now we know that the back channel talks between the two sides have been going on for several month culminating in the latest DGMO’s pact. May one ask why this contradiction between the stated policy and action? Or may one, for that matter, ask why this secrecy on a matter of such national and international importance?”

The statement further says that the most important question that begs an answer is where does Kashmir figure in all this.