Ties and Hopes by Mayeda Shafique

/ Mayeda Shafique is an educationist, writer, blogger and social activist. In this article, she attempts to reflect upon the tricky questions of a human being’s relations with the creator and fellow human beings. This is an interesting discussion on questions like ‘what you are’ and ‘what you really want to(should) be’.

A study was conducted at Howard University on the top graduates, who happened to be presidents, astronauts, and scientists in their professional lives. The research question asked them to describe their opinion on ‘who are the most satisfied and happiest people?’.

Interestingly, the respondents of the study answered that the happiest and satisfied people were not those who had degrees, designations, and wealth but those who were successful in making relations and connecting with them.

Those who had the ability to cope up with relations beautifully by solving the conflicts around them.

Human beings are blessed and gifted with the relations by the creator to make their and fellow beings’ lives easier and happier. When we share our happiness with our relations, it increases. When we share our sorrow with others, it decreases.

When we ignore our relations, we become depressed. When we become insincere in relations, we are deprived of peace in our lives and we face torture and inflictions that fall upon us.

Why does that happen?

If we cook, paint or write something, these things become our creation. While doing these activities, if someone disturbs us by spoiling our painting and writing etc. we become angry and sometimes yell “why did you do so and so with MY things?”…..

All human beings are creation of Allah

Allah (SWT) is the creator of our relations. All human beings are his creation, the same way we think about our creativity.

When we harm His paintings, the humans …He can respond with the same anger and wreath. But this is solely and exclusively His Domain whether He forgives or punishes us.

Forgive or Punish; His Discretion

This is His discretion and absolute power to decide that infliction falls upon us. These are the words of Prophet (peace be upon him) narrated by Abu Hariara “ The wail of oppressed is carried upon the clouds. The doors of skies become open for it. And Allah (SWT) says I will must help you though late”. Here the condition to be a Muslim is not imposed.

Why we severe our relations?

The case becomes worse when someone is a Muslim and is in our relationships. If we ponder upon what Allah SWT has said in these words, this will surely make us responsible regarding our relations.

“And those who break the covenant of Allah, after its ratification, and sever that which Allah has commanded to be joined (they sever the bond of Kinship and are not good to their relatives)and work mischief in the land, on them is the curse (they will be far away from Allah’s mercy)and for them is unhappy home.”

Allah, the Exalted says: “I am the most Merciful, I created Ar-Rahim and I cut out a name for it from my name, so whoever keeps good ties with it, I will keep good ties with him and whoever cuts it off, I will cut him and finish him off”(Abu Dawood).

Many hadiths emphasize the importance of kinship. The punishment regarding harming relation is considered the sin which is persecuted right after in this world.

On the other hand, if somebody wants ample provisions and long life he should maintain good ties with his relations.

In this age, we are observing hypocrisy, jealousy, leg-pulling, and killing of reputations among relations which is equal to calling Allah’s wrath upon us.

We get hurt when we do good and our hopes break that we have from others. This indulges us in a state of depression and frustration.

Remember, whatever we do, it should be for the sake of Allah to make him happy. We should tie all our hopes to Him after doing good to relations. He will surely give us a reward.

We humans are created for worship, which is not confined to religious rituals but to love humans. If we exclude humanity, then we are no more humans.

A hadith refers that a person would have a helper with him from Allah (swt) If he does good to the one who does bad.

Keeping all this in view, we should tie ourselves and our hopes to the supreme relation to the Almighty Allah and consequently tie our relations for Him.

The true beauty of life lies in relations. To keep sincerity, tolerance, patience, generosity, and forgiveness in relations is worship on this earth.

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