Poetry | By Nabeela Ahmed

You showed me a glimpse of your beauty

And I with only human eyes, stared

Dumb, still, frozen

I wanted to say gorgeous

But it didn’t sum up the curves or how my eyes moved along with ease

I wanted to say beautiful

But it didn’t capture the shades of shore, to waves to the heart of the ocean

Nor the shades or waves of emotions that flowed on my skin, in my core

I wanted to say phenomenal

But what it did to me now and what it would forever could not be contained in words

I wanted to say

But my voice was lost, my mind empty

And my eyes beheld

In case I blinked

And that would be ungrateful

Nabeela Ahmed is a writer, poet, storyteller, educator, amateur photographer.

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  1. Insight on Kashmir

    beautiful poetry ! lovely feelings and excellent expression.


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