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British Charity distributes Ramadan food parcels in Leepa Valley -Azad Kashmir

Muzaffarabad, 09 May 2021 (IoK News) In order to support the vulnerable people in the holy month of Ramadan, a British charity One Life Global Welfare distributed the Ramadan food parcels in village Moji of Leepa Valley around 60 miles away from here in Muzaffarabad- the capital of Pakistan Administered Kashmir.

As the residents of Moji village are facing severe hardships after Covid-19. The people in the area are highly vulnerable as there are several ongoing problems related to road infrastructure, poverty, unemployment, and LoC-conflict-related issues.

The food parcels were distributed to needy people including the poor, widows, old, orphans and families of disabled people.

Hundred vulnerable families were facilitated with the provision of a food parcel each consisting consisting of 20kg flour, 6kg sugar, 5 kg best quality rice, 3Kg lintels, one Kg salt, and 2 packets of vermicelli.

Local people appreciated the efforts of One Life Global welfare and its supported charities and requested to extents its support on annual basis.

Moreover, locals added that during their lifetime, this was the first organization that reached out to them and provided food packages.

During the distribution of aid, people showed happiness. They were thankful for the sponsorship and wished to the donors and facilitators that May God rewards them with the best rewards in this life and in the next.

Zubair- one of the volunteers of One Life Global welfare briefed that our Ramadan food parcels provided a month of relief all over the Muslim community of the world.

The first time our Organization has started the distribution of Ramadan Food packages and we aim to make sure the distribution on annual basis.

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