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AJK Government Controlling prices and virus simultaneously

Rawalakot – IoK News ( 18 May 2021) Photo Credit: AJK Revenue Department


The Azad Jammu and Kashmir government is currently putting extra resources to meet the challenges of two menaces, the Covid-19 and uncontrollable price hike, the Insight on Kashmir has learnt.


Traditionally, the price control committees have failed to implement their authority as every market has its own rates in almost all parts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. In addition, the prices of essential commodities have been constantly shooting up in the holy month of Ramadan.

Despite subsidies announced by the federal government on various commodities, the people in AJK are witnessing a sharp rise in the prices of fruits, pulses, chicken and vegetables.

When asked about the increased prices in contrast to the rates fixed by the price control committee, shopkeepers usually come up with a made up answer that they are trying their best to provide goods to consumers at reasonable prices. However, they accuse the wholesale dealers for the price hike.


People have been demanding wholesale markets in Muzaffarabad, Mirpur and Rawalakot to ensure price control.

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