AJK High Court Bar commends Kashmir Council for appointment of top judges

MIRPUR (APP) : Azad Jammu Kashmir High Court Bar Association Secretary General Advocate Zulqarnain Raza Naqvi on Sunday said that appointments of Chief Justice of Azad Jammu Kashmir Justice Raja Saeed Akram Khan and inclusion of Justice Khawaja Muhammad Naseem and Justice Raza Ali Khan by the Kashmir Council chairman have been warmly appreciated by the legal community of the state.

In a statement issued here, he commended the chief justice for solely running the judicial system of the state with single-mindedness, strategy and justice for six months through the best of his high professional skills, intellect and pen.

He said that Chief Justice Saeed Akram Khan did not allow the people to feel any swing in the judicial system.

He expressed the hope that after appointment of new judges in the apex court, a full-fledged judiciary would now be able to deliver inexpensive and speedy justice to the people.

Zulqarnain Naqvi said that he fully expected that similarly the vacant posts of judges in Azad Kashmir High Court will also be filled in the near future, keeping in view the golden principles of merit, competence, honesty and competence.

He said that the legal community should be fully satisfied in this regard as it was the constitutional and legal prerogative of the High Court and the chief justice of the Supreme Court to send names of qualified lawyers and session judges for the appointment of the judges.

He also paid a heartfelt tribute to newly inducted Chief Justice of the High Court Justice Sadaqat Hussain Raja.

He said that Justice Sadaqat Hussain Raja visited the court to hear the cases during the long illness of Justice Shiraz Hussain Kayani.

“He is the only one who has managed the administrative affairs in a smooth and efficient manners,” he observed while paying tributes to newly-inducted high court chief justice. He expressed his determination that in future a new chapter of bar and bench cooperation in Azad Jammu Kashmir will be made.

According to an official notification, Hon’ble Chief Justice Azad Jammu and Kashmir Mr. Justice Raja Saeed Akram Khan on Wednesday administered oath of office to Khawaja Muhammad Naseem and Raza Ali Khan Advocate as judge of Supreme Court of Azad Jammu and Kashmir . The oath-taking ceremony was held at the Supreme Court Building Muzaffarabad.

A separate notification says that Hon’ble Justice Raja Saeed Akram Khan took the oath as Chief Justice of Azad Jammu & Kashmir today 18th May,2021. In a ceremony held at Aiwan-i-Sadr in Muzaffarabad, President Sardar Masood Khan administered the oath to Justice Raja Saeed Akram Khan. Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan, Acting Chief Justice of the High Court Justice Sadaqat Hussain Raja, members of the Cabinet, members of the Legislative Assembly, former Chief Justice Ch. Muhammad Ibrahim Zia, Vice Chairman Bar Council and Deputy Attorney General of Pakistan.  Raja Khalid Mahmood, Senior lawyers of the Supreme Court and High Court and judicial officers attended the oath-taking ceremony.

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