English is wiping out national and regional languages | By Kamran Gillani

The obsession of our countrymen with English language has pushed our national and regional languages to the brink of extinction.

Our people feel pride in speaking English and consider themselves superior to those who cannot speak in this language.

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The lack of ability to speak English fluently also leads people to discrimination. For instance, it creates hurdles in seeking jobs.

I have learnt English language as a medium of communication and also to enrich my knowledge of a foreign language.

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However, being a non-native English speaker, I have never felt an urge to assimilate into the English culture.

I appreciate the importance of learning a foreign language, but not at the cost of our cultural and national identity.

For me, speaking English is not merely a matter of transferring a foreign language to the next generation, but it is increasingly becoming a threat to our local languages.

In fact, the alarming trend of compromising local languages is against the idea of multilingualism.

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In our country, everyone wants to learn English language that is useful and appreciable it is an international language. Being able to speak a foreign and international language helps us in many ways.

But the prestige attached to English in the country is alarming. Many people have almost forgotten their mother and regional languages while trying to master the English language.

If the trend continues, I am afraid, Urdu-our national language,  will die eventually.

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What can we do to save our national language?

In my opinion, we can collectively make efforts to protect and sustain our local languages and the culture associated with them.

We all know that our mother language is our identity. Let us preserve this identity for our next generations.

About the writer:

Kamran Gillani

Kamran Gillani is a student of BS English literature in University of Poonch, Azad Jammu and Kashmir ( Kahuta Campus).

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