Let Kashmiris Decide- A global coalition Initiative launched

// London (IoK News):

The participants of an online discussion here on Saturday discussed the launch of a new global coalition called Let Kashmir Decide (LKD).

They said that several human and civil rights activists across the world have assembled to campaign against the human rights violations and an illegal occupation in the divided state of Jammu Kashmir.

Prominent speakers of the talk show were Co-founder of the Let Kashmir Decide initiative Claire Bidwell, Former Senator in the Australian Parliament Lee Rhiannon, British Kashmiri Community Activist Parveen S Khan, Peace Activist Karen Rodman, Human Rights Activist from US Mary Scully, civil rights campaigner Tanveer Ahmed, and others.

The talk show was hosted by prominent Kashmiri rights activist Shams Rehman.

Human Rights Campaigner Mary Scully from United States explained how this initiative was formed and what their experiences were so far.

She said that several of the activists had been talking earlier on the subject of HR abuses in Jammu and Kashmir. They were not happy as the situation was getting worse day by day in the state.

She related the Kashmir issue with Palestinian problem and referred to the power of protest and civil movements, particularly the 2014 Israeli bombing campaign as the millions of people across the world protested against that brutal action.

She also referred to the demonstrations against the genocide of Rohingya in 2017 when millions of people protested around the world. They were mostly in the Muslim countries.

But she said that there have been no response to the Kashmiris sad plight. Whereas this has become an era of genocide in Kashmir.

The level of genocide and the level of of war and occupation was not in anyway addressed with full force of activism.

She further said that activists anywhere in the world needed to do something on the model of the anti-apartheid movement or the Vietnam War movement.

Peace Activist Karen Rodman said that she went to Azad Jammu and Kashmir where she had a chance to speak to different people.

She is involved in a number of groups. In Azad Kashmir she particularly spoke about the launch of this initiative.

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