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Kashmir Policy Research Institute holds talk on State Laws vs. Social Responsibility

A talk was held here in Muzaffarabad organized by the Kashmir Institute of Policy Research.

Masood Ur Rehman, Commissioner Muzaffarabad discussed the concept of social responsibility against the state laws.

He said that the laws are made for the protection of the rights of people and there is a social contract between the people and society.

Lawlessness leads to anarchy and it is not in the interest of any citizen. He further said that only societies and states exist where the rule of law prevails.

It is necessary for all of us to respect the law and follow it. In Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, we express our opinion freely.

Every law is made for the betterment of the people. Laws are made to facilitate people, protect people’s freedoms, fulfill their needs and provide for and protect their rights.

It is the rule of law that is made according to the universal principles of law-making. A law based on malice cannot operate.

The purpose of making a law is to establish the authority of the state and the law is for the people of the state.

Only laws are valid and are made under the principles of law, justice, and equity. The government is within the state and the government makes laws through the assembly, the judiciary interprets these laws and the administration implements these laws.

These are the three basic pillars of government on which the edifice of the state stands. He said that the establishment of the Kashmir Policy Research Institute is a commendable initiative.

And for the first time in Azad Kashmir, a stable institution of this type has been created at the government level, which is on the path to development.

A one-month internship program for university students is the best effort and for the first time in Azad Kashmir, such an internship program is being organized by an organization.

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