Power Politics

(An excerpt from article “PaK: Ethnicity, Democracy and Islam” taken from book titled “Of Occupation and Resistance, Writings from Kashmir”)

 By Mazhar Iqbal

In the past, Sudhans, Mughals and Rajputs have been in the forefront of affairs in PaK. However, most recently, Mirpuri Jats and Gujjars hailing from the southern districts of Kotli, Mirpur and Bhimber have gained prominence in government, politics and businesses. Mirpuri Kashmiris in Great Britain have been struggling for the last few years to assert themselves as distinct from other immigrants from Pakistan. They have gained prominence in local parliamentary and council election in a few major cities in the UK.

In almost all significant cities and towns of PaK, local politicians, religious seminaries and government officials are doing the same business, but in different guises, with the approvals and blessings of the Pakistani army and other state secret agencies.

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